Lunch Menu

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Egg Mayonnaise 3.30

Brie Parcels 4.50
Served with Red Onion Marmalade.

Southern Fried Mushrooms 4.50
Medium cups filled with Cream Cheese in Southern Fried Crumbs -
accompanied with Garlic Dip.

Fruit Eliza Jane 3.50
Pearls of Melon, Kiwi, Orange, Grapes and Seasonal Berries, napped
in Fruit Yoghurt Drizzled with Honey.

Seasoned Potato Wedges 3.50
Topped with Chedder Cheese and Lardons of Bacon served with Chilli Dip.

Chef’s Choice
Mushrooms, Chicken Wings, Cod Dippers & Spicy Wedges, served with a
dip of your choice - Garlic, Sweet Chilli or BBQ.

suitable for 1 person 4.80

suitable for 2 persons 8.20

suitable for 4 persons 12.80

Fresh Soup of the Day 3.50
Choice of two served with Bread Roll & Butter.


Freshly Prepared using Fresh Salad Leaves and Homemade Dressings,
all Meats may be served either Hot or Cold.

Breast of Chicken 7.80
Roast Beef 7.80
Prawn 8.50
Cheese & Fruit 7.00

Dine & Dash

Served 12pm - 6pm. Cooked to order. Please order by number.

Hot Filled Panini Rolls/Wraps 6.00

1 Mediterranean
Chargrilled Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Courgettes and Smoked Applewood
Cheese in a Medium Spiced New Orleans Creole Sauce.

2 Hickory Chicken
Sliced Roast Chicken, Crispy Bacon, Roast Garlic, Chedder and Sweet Hickory
BBQ Sauce.

3 French Connection
Crisp Streaky Bacon, Brie, Cranberry Sauce, Spring Onions and sliced Tomato.

4 Joe’s Special
Sliced Roast Beef, Sauté Onions, Mushrooms and Creamy Pepper Sauce.

5 Sweet Chilli Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons with Spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce.


Choice of White or Granary Bread.

Fresh Sandwiches 3.75
Home Baked Ham / Salad / Bacon, Egg & Onion / Chicken, Stuffing and Cranberry
Sauce / Tuna, Red Onion & Sweetcorn / Cheese & Chutney. (additional filling 50p)

Open Prawn Sandwich 6.50
Wheaten Bread, Lettuce, Tomato, Coleslaw and Prawns in Marie-rose Sauce.

Plough Mans Platter 6.20
Wheaten Bread, Lettuce, Tomato, Mixed Pickle, Cheddar Slices & Coleslaw.


Additional fillings 50p each.

Fresh Tortilla Wraps (served cold) 4.75

Roast HamLettuce, Sliced Ham, Egg, Onions with Honey and Mustard Dressing.
Chicken Salad
Lettuce, Sliced Chicken, Tomato, Egg, Onion and Salad Cream.
Chicken Mexico
Sliced Chicken, Lettuce and Bacon with a spicy Mayonnaise infused
with Garlic, Tomato and Chilli.
Highland Beef
Lettuce, Sliced Roast Beef, Red Onion and Black Pepper Dressing.

Side Orders

Garlic Fries, Chilli Fries, Champ, Chips, Roast Onion Mash, House Salad, Potato Wedges

per person 2.50

Kiddies Corner Only

Includes Chips, Garlic Fries, Potato Waffles or Side Salad.

Chicken Goujons 5.00
Sausages 4.00
Fresh Cod Goujons 4.50
Crumbed Leg of Chicken 4.00
Crumbed Breast of Chicken 5.50
Vegetable Soup & Roll 2.50
Vegetable Soup & Potato 2.50
Vegetable, Potato & Gravy 2.50


Pot of Tea 1.45
Pot of Coffee 1.65
Milky Coffee 1.95
Glass of Milk 1.15
Cappuccino 2.15
Espresso 1.60
Caffe Latte 2.15
Caffe Mocha 2.15
Americano 1.60
Hot Chocolate 1.95
Deluxe Hot Chocolate 2.50
Served with Marshmallows and cream.

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