Evening Menu

Treat yourself to an Evening Meal at Silverbirch Hotel's Barreta Bar and Grill. As proud members of the Flavour of Tyrone Good Food Circle we are dedicated to delivering only the best dining experience for our guests and visitors in Barreta Bar and Grill.

Our chef uses only the freshest, local ingredients to create a varied Evening Menu, which features a mix of traditional classics and modern dishes. Food is served in Barreta Bar and Grill from 12 Noon until 9.30pm Monday - Saturday and from 4pm until 9pm on Sundays. Enjoy a Sunday Lunch Treat with our delicious Sunday Lunch Menu served in our Dining Room.

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Crispy Thai Prawns 5.95
Wafer Wrapped Marinated King Prawns in Filo Pastry with Lemon & Chive Dip.

Egg Mayonnaise 4.00
Egg Salad coated in our own Home-made Mayonnaise Dressing.

Prawn Cocktail 5.75
Norwegian Prawn in a Rich Marie-rose Sauce on a Chiffonade of Lettuce & Tomato.

Fruit Eliza Jane 4.00
Pearls of Melon, Kiwi, Orange, Grapes and Seasonal Berries, napped in
Fruit Yoghurt Drizzled with Honey.

Fresh Soup of The Evening 3.60
Choice of two. Served with Bread Roll & Butter.

Duck Spring Roll 5.50
Seasoned Duck & Vegetables in Filo Pastry, Fresh Salad Leaves & Hoisin Sauce.

Brie Parcels 4.95
Four Plump Wedges coated in a Light Crumb accompanied with
Red Onion Marmalade.

Southern Fried Mushrooms 5.50
Medium cups filled with Cream Cheese in Southern Fried Crumbs -
accompanied with Garlic Dip.

Seasoned Potato Wedges 4.00
Topped with Chedder Cheese and Lardons of Bacon served with Chilli Dip.


Chef’s Choice
Sesame Mushrooms, Chicken Wings, Cod Dippers & Spicy
Wedges, served with Dip of your choice - Garlic, Sweet Chilli or BBQ.
suitable for 1 person 5.50
suitable for 2 persons 9.50
suitable for 4 persons 13.50

Steaks & Grills

Guaranteed Local Produce Only. All Steaks are cooked to order and are accompanied
with Mushrooms, Onions, and side order of your choice.

Grilled Sirloin Steak 17.95
Grilled Fillet Steak 19.95
Sauces (extra) 2.10
Creamy Pepper, Wild Mushroom, Garlic and Brandy.
Steak & Chicken ‘Junction’ 50/50 18.95
Fine Noodles in Sweet Chilli Sauce stacked with Pan Fried Chicken
Supreme and 6oz Fillet Steak topped with cool Garlic Butter.

Barreta ‘Navarra’ Steak 21.45
Noisette of Fillet Panfried accompanied with a Garlic and Brandy
Cream Sauce topped with Tobacco Onions.

Barreta ‘Bloomer’ Steak 15.25

Minute Sirloin on a layer of Royal Potatoes, Creamy Pepper
Sauce and French Fried Onions.

Honey Roast Barbarie Duckling 15.50
Half Roast Duckling, Herb Stuffing, Lardons of Bacon accompanied
with Rich Gravy and Vegetables of the Day.

Breast of Chicken Maryland 13.50
Crumbed Chicken, served with Banana Fritter, Bacon,
Sweetcorn, Tomato, Mushrooms and a small pot of Coleslaw.

Chicken Curry 11.60
Tender Chicken in a Medium Curry, made to our own select
recipe served with Boiled Rice or Tortilla.

Roast Chicken & Ham 12.50
Freshly Roast Breast, Home Baked Ham, Herb Stuffing, suitably
garnished accompanied with Fresh Vegetables.

Goujons of Chicken 11.50
Plump Goujons in a Fine Crumb and a duo of Sweet Chilli & Garlic Dips.
(Above dishes include side order of your choice)

Rainforest Chicken 11.60
Stir Fried Fillet Strips in a Smokey Bacon cream Sauce with Pasta,
accompanied with Sweet Potato Chips.


Popular Fish

Fillet of Salmon 14.50
Lightly Poached or Grilled accompanied with Champagne & Chive Butter Sauce.

Fresh Atlantic Cod 13.50
Fresh Fillet in Crisp Beer Batter or Light Crumb, accompanied with
Home-made Tartar Sauce.

Fresh Fillet of Sea Bass - Thermidor 14.00
Lightly Grilled, Nestling on a Bed of Champ accompanied with a
Brandy and Whole Grain Mustard Sauce.

(The above Fish Dishes are accompanied with a selection of
Vegetables, and a side order of your choice)

Jumbo Scampi ‘Mornay’ 14.50
Scampi in a White Wine & Cheese Sauce on a Bed of Rice or Champ,
Gratinated and served with side order of your choice.


Freshly prepared using Fresh Salad Leaves / Homemade Dressings.
All Meats may be Served either Hot or Cold
Breast of Chicken 11.00
Roast Beef 11.00
Cheese & Fruit 9.00
Prawn 11.20


All Dishes Accompanied with a side order of your choice

Organic Vegetarian Sausage 9.70
On a Bed of Sweet Chilli Mash and Onion Gravy.

Veggie Platter 9.70
Spring Rolls, Baby Corn, Brie Wedges, Onion Rings & Potato Wedges –
accompanied with a Duo of Curry & Pepper Sauces & Tossed Salad.

Penne Pasta 9.40
Pasta, Roast Vegetables, Tomato & Basil Sauce topped with
Tortilla Chips and Parmesan Cheese.

Side Orders

Potatoes 2.50
Creamed, Croquette, Roast Onion Mash, Champ, Garlic Fries, Chilli Fries or Chips.

Seasonal Vegetables 3.20
Sauté Onions 2.50
French Fried Onions 2.50
Buttered Mushrooms 2.50
House Salad 2.50
Garlic Bread or Bread Basket 2.50
Side Salad 2.50
Selected dishes can be altered to suit dietary requirements,
   Please inform a member of staff.
* Some Of The Dishes May Contain Nuts
* Gluten Free Gravy Available
* All Our Meals are Prepared From Local Produce

Kiddies Corner Only

Includes Chips, Potato Wedges, Garlic Fries, Potato Waffles or Side Salad.

Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta 4.50
Chicken Goujons 5.10
Served with Garlic Dip

Sausages (2) 4.10
Fresh Cod Goujons (3) 4.50
Crumbed Leg of Chicken 4.10
Crumbed Breast of Chicken 5.50
Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizza 4.10
Chicken Curry 4.50
Roast of the Day 5.50
Served with Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes.
Chicken Fillet Burger 5.20


Pot of Tea 1.45
Glass of Milk 1.15
Pot of Coffee 1.65
Cappuccino 2.15
Espresso 1.60
Caffé Latte 2.15
Caffé Mocha 2.15
Americano 1.60
Hot Chocolate 1.95
Deluxe Hot Chocolate 2.50
Served with Marshmallows and Cream

Specialities of the House

Home Made Barreta Burger £9.50
To Our Own Special Recipe, served in a 5” Floury Bap

  1. ‘Godfather’ – Blue Cheese & Beer Battered Onion Rings
  2. ‘Texan’ – Red Onion, Smoked Applewood Cheese, Bacon & BBQ Sauce
  3. ‘Plain Jane’ – Plain Burger, Sauté Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Spicy Relish Dressing on the side

Includes One Side Order of Your Choice & Relish

Prime Tender Bacon Chop £10.95
Pan Fried, accompanied with Cabbage & Spring Onion Mash,
Served with Market Vegetables & Parsley Sauce

Club Steak Sandwich £11.25
Prime Rump Steak, Pan Fried with Onions & Mushrooms on Ciabatta Bread,
served with Creamy Pepper or Chilli Sauce on the side – Includes One Side Order

Roast of The Evening £11.25
Please ask for tonight’s choice
Includes a Selection of Vegetables and a side order of your choice

Fresh Fillet of Rainbow Trout £11.50
Served with a Lemon & Lime Hot Butter Cream Sauce
Includes a Selection of Vegetables & Potato of Your Choice

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